Drawing A Jockey Like Degas

“Draw lines, young man, many lines; from memory and from nature – it is in this way you will become a good artist” Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (said to Edgar Degas)

The name Edgar Degas makes me think of twirling ballerinas and beautiful pastel paintings. However, he also loved the horse races, and these works are so fun to use for drawing studies. His beautiful line drawing and composition pulls the viewer into the scene. When Degas drew ballerinas, he used angles and viewpoints to bring the viewer into the picture. He does the same with his horses. So let’s get pulled in and draw together!

As always, I try to use materials you have around your house. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything- the drawing lesson with just a pencil is great to do

  • Heavy paper
  • tea bag
  • cup of warm water
  • pencil and/or charcoal
  • white pastel or white chalk
  • paper towel

If you do this lesson, and want to show it off your drawing: Send it to makepaducah@yahoo.com. I will post it here on this post for all to see and be inspired!


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