The Magic of Miro

I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music. ” 
– Joan Miro

Fun Facts about Joan Miro

  • Joan Miro was born in 1893 and lived until he was 90 Years old!
  • He has recorded art pieces beginning at age 8 years old! That means he made art for 82 years!!
  • He had his first solo art show when he was only 18 years old
  • He worked with and was influenced by surrealist artists
  • He didn’t just paint, but liked to work with many mediums: sculpture, engraving, watercolors, fibers, lithographs and pastels.
  • Now it’s time to create your own art work inspired by Joan Miró
  • His most important work was made from age 60-age 90!

A few years ago, I had the chance to visit The Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona. Big color, big weaving, big fun awaited behind the whitewashed walls. I was struck not just by the whimsical nature, but the scale: there were so many huge works of art. It made me think about being bold and brave in creating art. taking risks, throwing caution to the wind: playing with color and paint and shapes. SO that’s what I decided to do for this art lesson: play a game!

Grab your color-makers (markers, paint, crayons, etc) and play along with me!

Loads of you got in on the action: Sherwin sent in his fun picture to share with you, and my boys couldn’t resist making art even after the lesson!

If you play MAKE art with us and Miro- send your pictures to and we will add to this gallery! Have fun!

So go be Miro: play with art today!


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