MAKE A Colorful Giraffe Painting

Our colorful long-necked inspiration comes from working Hungarian artist, Anna Briggita Kovacs. I was immediately inspired just looking through her colorful work. She recalls that her highschool art teacher used to call her “queen of color” and I agree with that high compliment. Color makes us happy–vibrant hues recall warm sunny days and playful times. Since the weather today is the exact opposite: wet, dreary, cold and icy (see why I am calling for a forecast of bright colors!), I needed this and thought you might too!

We will not only play with color and some drawing, we will work also with a resist technique. What is resist you might ask? It is when one medium doesn’t like to be friends with the other. Well, maybe they might be friends, but only socially distanced! you can layer or combine the two mediums because they have opposite properties: oil and water. or wax and water. the easy way to see it is when you draw a crayon line (wax) and then paint over it in water color (water). The watercolor will bubble and slide away from the crayon areas. This is a cool techniques to use in many ways…today it is perfect for a colorful giraffe!

I will walk you through the quick drawing steps for our giraffe art, but you find younger artists like to have a sketch in front of them so they can concentrate on developing and playing with color. If so, just print out the pdf above and join me to MAKE some art!

Grab these supplies:

  • watercolor paper
  • watercolors
  • pencil
  • crayons or oil pastels
  • water jar
  • paper towel

SO many artists young and old needed some color in their lives too and created amazing artworks to share with me and now you! Enjoy the rainbow of color and fun! Happy Giraffe MAKE-ing!


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