Pow, Pop, Wham, Bam! Lichtenstein and Bubble Wrap

A New Yorker born in 1923, Roy Lichtenstein is well known for his paintings and prints that look like comics. His comic strip cartoons are easily recognized as well as his pop art paintings of everyday objects. To give them the feel of the funny pages, Lichtenstein used small dots using four colors of printers’Continue reading “Pow, Pop, Wham, Bam! Lichtenstein and Bubble Wrap”

MAKE A Colorful Giraffe Painting

Our colorful long-necked inspiration comes from working Hungarian artist, Anna Briggita Kovacs. I was immediately inspired just looking through her colorful work. She recalls that her highschool art teacher used to call her “queen of color” and I agree with that high compliment. Color makes us happy–vibrant hues recall warm sunny days and playful times.Continue reading “MAKE A Colorful Giraffe Painting”

Drawing A Jockey Like Degas

“Draw lines, young man, many lines; from memory and from nature – it is in this way you will become a good artist” Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (said to Edgar Degas) The name Edgar Degas makes me think of twirling ballerinas and beautiful pastel paintings. However, he also loved the horse races, and these worksContinue reading “Drawing A Jockey Like Degas”