MAKE A Colorful Giraffe Painting

Our colorful long-necked inspiration comes from working Hungarian artist, Anna Briggita Kovacs. I was immediately inspired just looking through her colorful work. She recalls that her highschool art teacher used to call her “queen of color” and I agree with that high compliment. Color makes us happy–vibrant hues recall warm sunny days and playful times.Continue reading “MAKE A Colorful Giraffe Painting”

The Magic of Miro

I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music. ” – Joan Miro Fun Facts about Joan Miro Joan Miro was born in 1893 and lived until he was 90 Years old! He has recorded art pieces beginning at age 8 years old! That means he made art for 82Continue reading “The Magic of Miro”